Spa Services



  • Manicure (with polish) $20
  • Hot Oil Manicure (no polish) $15
  • Pedicure (with polish) $40
  • Man’s Pedicure (no polish) $30
  • Hot Paraffin Treatment  $15
  • Paraffin with Manicure  $23
  • Polish Change Only  $12
  • French Tip with Mani or Pedi  $2 extra



A special polish by CND is a UV 3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the sturdiness of synthetic nails.  Shellac is like regular polish, but when combined with the UV light, it transforms your polish into a flawless, instantly dry color that lasts for two weeks and can be removed in ten minutes.  Shellac makes your nails harder, polish flawless, and is super shiny.

  • Shellac $36
  • Shellac removal $12



The ionic detox works in just 30 minutes.  By sending a small electrical charge into the water and one through your body via a wristband, the ionized water is then able to attract oppositely charged toxins from the body through the pores in your feet and out into the water.  So sit back and relax while your feet do all of the work.

Six treatments in two weeks are recommended.

Our clients have reported improvements in the following:

  • Relieved joint pain and stiffness
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Decrease tolerance to medications
  • Improved recovery time from injury
  • And more!

  • 30 Minutes $35
  • Six time Package $175



Customized Massage

This modality takes each individuals issues and uses several techniques to help resolve them, and is the perfect treatment to soothe aching muscles, relieve tension, and calm the mind as well. Massage affects the connective tissues, nerves, muscles, glands, and can stimulate circulation while promoting general health and overall well being. Massage also increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles.

  • 30 Minutes $35
  • 60 Minutes $65


Chair Massage

Chair massage counters the circulatory problems inherent with office work, and provides an appreciated respite from the day. Sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles, relieves strain on the neck and provides a gentle rest for eyes usually glued to a computer monitor. Even 15 minutes of massage to the neck, back, arms, and hands can increase circulation, returning energy levels and helping keep the body injury free.

  • 15 Minutes $20
  • 30 Minutes $35



Ear Candling

Ear candling is a natural, non-intrusive procedure that may help alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches or sinus conditions, ear infections, allergies or vertigo, as well as minor hearing loss due to excessive wax build up. Ear candling requires the use of ear candles made of cotton or linen that is wound into a cone shape, soaked in wax, and then allowed to harden.

  • $30 and up



We feature BIOELEMENTS, a high-end, botanically based skin care product line that is formulated from a wide array of plant extracts, aromatherapy oils, trace minerals, and other natural ingredients. It is not tested on animals, and is ideal for both men and women.

Why should you get a facial?

Skin cells take about 28 days to reach the surface. Once a month, it is beneficial to deep cleanse and remove impurities from pores. Along with coming in for treatments, we can recommend a proper in-home care regime to help maintain your skin’s well being. Things like hormones, stress, and seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your skin. By maintaining good skin care, your skin will learn to adjust more quickly to life’s stressors and respond in a healthy manner. As you keep your regular appointments and follow our in-home regime recommendations, we will learn the cyclical changes that occur with your skin and adjust products and routines accordingly.

Basic Facial

A classic facial treatment customized for the needs of your skin type. Combines facial massage, steam, exfoliation, and mask.

  • 30 Minutes $35


Luxurious Facial

A deep cleansing treatment combining cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, extractions, toner, mask and moisturizer. Also enjoy a neck and shoulder massage.

  • 60 Minutes $65


Acne Facial

Deep pore cleaning treatment for acne prone skin combining an oil absorbing clay mask, shoulder massage, and renewing antiseptic treatment.

  • 60 Minutes $75


Intensive Moisture Facial

Skin can be rehydrated in hot summer or cold winter months. Remedy your dry skin with a moisturizing facial specially designed for your skin type. It will hydrate while supplementing your skin’s water to oil balance – essential for oily skin types.

  • 60 Minutes $55

Anti-Aging Facial

A therapeutic treatment that rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful complexion. Combines medical strength anti-oxidant products formulated to penetrate deeply for maximum benefits. ALL FACIAL APPOINTMENTS ARE 1 ½ HOURS. All prices subject to change

  • 60 Minutes $70




A warm wax application where hair is removed by its roots. Smooth, hair free skin lasts for weeks. Hair should be minimum of 1/4 inch long prior to waxing.

  • Full leg $65
  • Half leg $35
  • Underarm $25
  • Back $40 and up
  • Chest $40 and up
  • Eyebrow $15
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $10
  • Hands or Feet $14
  • Full face $30
  • Bikini $40


Mirabella is a healthy mineral formula – talc-free and no harsh perfumes or synthetic preservatives – all of our mineral-based products contain Natacide, an all natural preservative that ensures the safety of our products. It is also free of chemicals and alcohol, and is good for all skin types including acne prone, rosacea, and sensitive. By combining vitamins A, E, and anti-oxidants, we’ve created a make-up that is long wearing, water resistant, and protective from the sun.

  • Make-up Application $35


Eyelash Extensions

Our semi-permanent eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are applied to each of your individual eyelashes – one lash at a time. They provide length and thickness to your own lashes and are safe while showering, swimming, sleeping, or exercising. All new clients are required to have a glue patch test at least 24 hours in advance of an appointment if you’ve never had extensions or if you’ve gone longer than 4-6 months without fills.

  • Initial application $100 fills $75